NightSide – Adriana Cohen Talks With Dan Rea About Brookline’s Ban On Styrofoam

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Adriana Cohen
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BOSTON (CBS) – Brookline, in an overwhelming vote of 169 to 27, successfully banned polystyrene packaging. This substance can be found in food containers, lids for coffee cups, and much more. It’s most common form is Styrofoam and this has caused uproar in some companies complaining about costlier packaging alternatives. Do you think this is the right step in reducing non-biodegradable waste in our society? Or has the government gone too far? In an ever-increasing population, do we need to regulate our waste more? Adriana Cohen, who led the opposition against the recent Concord bottled water ban, talks with Dan about the issue.

Originally broadcast November 14th, 2012.

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Part 2:

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