MILFORD, N.H. (CBS) – Police say the woman who reported an attempted “carjacking” last week, made the whole thing up.

Mari Chapman,33, is charged with filing a false report to law enforcement. She was released on $5,000 bail and is scheduled to be arraigned in Milford District Court on Monday, Dec. 17.

Chapman reported to police she was driving on Federal Hill Road when she saw a car pulled to the side of the road.

Chapman told police she stopped to assist the couple in the car but while she was out of her vehicle, she was attacked by the man.

She said she was able to get away but received minor injuries.

“A thorough investigation was conducted by the Milford Police Department. Based on the investigation it has been determined that the attempted ‘Car Jacking’ did not occur and that Mari Chapman was not the victim of a crime,” Milford Police Chief Michael Viola said in a statement.


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