Barry Burbank

There is virtually no change in the forecast story from what I delivered last evening. It is short and sweet as a ridge of high pressure remains locked in over the region through Friday. It guarantees storm-free weather and that is a very good thing especially this week when so many people will be traveling to destinations to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends. This cooperative weather will actually exist across most of our nation except the Pacific Northwest where a frontal boundary will push onshore and provide stormy weather tomorrow and Tuesday. This front will shift eastward and create gusty winds from the Upper Plains States to the Great Lakes Friday and Saturday. That cold front will pass across New England next Saturday with perhaps a few spotty showers.

As this week progresses, a couple of upper level disturbances will produce more mid and high level cloudiness on Tuesday and Wednesday. It should exit and sunnier weather returns on Thanksgiving and on Black Friday. Each succeeding day will be slightly milder with highs close to 58 as shoppers fill the malls on Friday. The next few nights will be frosty so expect to spend time defrosting your windshield from the mid-evenings into the morning commute period. Overnight minimums will be in the 20s in the suburbs to middle 30s in the larger urban centers for the next couple of nights followed by less cold weather later in the week. The weather will be ideal for all the football games and road races on Thanksgiving with temperatures rising through the 30s into the 40s later that morning and topping out near 54 in the afternoon. After a beautiful Black Friday followed by a shower possible Saturday, expect a shot of very cold air a week from today when high temperatures will fail to rise out of the upper 30s with west-northwesterly wind gusts up to gale force. There could be some scattered snow showers especially over the mountains. Looking way ahead, a brief warmup in the works the last week of November may yield highs of 55-60 on that Tuesday and 60-65 on Wednesday with much colder air rushing in after that.

I’ve been extensively studying the myriad of global factors that are considered for seasonal forecasts so next Sunday evening I will be sharing my detailed thoughts about the winter forecast. You can be sure that it will be colder and snowier than last year’s wide open winter! That part of the prediction is a no-brainer.

Watch the WBZ News at 5pm tomorrow for a brief video of the 500-4th through 6th graders at the Clinton Middle School in Clinton. I will be presenting an educational show there tomorrow afternoon. If you would like me or any member of the WBZ AccuWeather Team to visit your school, check out this link.

Melissa Mack delivers her latest forecast in the morning and Todd Gutner follows later in the day.

I hope to see you at Andover’s Feaster Five Road Race Thanksgiving morning. All of us here in the WBZ AccuWeather Center wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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