By Kate Merrill, WBZ-TV

NORTHBORO (CBS) – “My typical day: wake up, get the kids out of bed, getting lunches made, getting the kids fed, making sure homework is done, making sure piano has been practiced, shuffling them off to the bus, turn around, come back and sit down at my computer.” This is Marile Borden listing off a fraction of her daily to-do list of being a working mom.

“I know it’s supposed to be the most wonderful job in the world but it’s really hard,” Marile says with a laugh. And that’s why the Northboro mom started the Facebook page “Moms Who Need Wine.”

“It’s really about life in the trenches of motherhood,” explains Marile. More than 640,000 moms around the world turn to the page to vent, get support, advice, and comic relief. And when Facebook isn’t instant enough, the Moms Who Need Wine have a “moms night-in.” It’s a live webcast to chat about the day, the family, and yes, even wine.

Kim Hanton counsels families dealing with addiction and sees these websites as a positive way for moms to express themselves, release stress, and kick back. But, she cautions moms about what their children might see. “Kids will become not necessarily what we tell them to become but what we show them,” says Hanton.

Marile says there is a double standard, “Dad comes home and says I need a beer and nobody blinks. But, mom says motherhood is hard I need a glass of wine and there’s suddenly a million critics out there.”

Marile insists Moms Who Need Wine is less about the wine and more about surviving motherhood. “Whether it’s wine, or chocolate, or whatever it is – it’s about taking time for yourself.”

And wine sellers are taking notice of websites like Marile’s. Many companies are now targeting ads specifically to moms. Others have a more blunt approach like selling “Mommy Juice” or “Mommy’s Time Out.” Anything to capture the lucrative mommy market.


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