By Bill Shields, WBZ-TVBy Bill Shields

WEBSTER (CBS) – A driver, who was nearly hit by falling concrete is getting an apology and help from the state.

“I looked up, and saw something huge falling, so I locked up the brakes,” said Ron Scott. It was last August, when Scott was driving north on Rt. 395 in Webster, when concrete from a bridge came crashing into his minivan’s bumper.

Ron was OK, but his frustration with the state D.O.T was just beginning. “I called them, and sent them letters with pictures I took, but I heard nothing,” he says. “It was like I didn’t exist.”

That day, after he brought the minivan to a stop, Scott got out and took pictures of huge hunks of concrete on the roadway, then, he took pictures of the damage to his car, about $4,000 worth.

As it turns out, a road crew had been doing some repaving of the bridge, the Birch Island Overpass, and the vibration knocked loose concrete from under the roadway, falling onto Rt. 395.

“He could’ve lost his life in the blink of an eye,” says his wife, Mary Scott. “If he was one second sooner, the concrete would’ve hit the windshield.”

But after WBZ contacted Highway Administrator Frank DePaola, there may be closure for the Scotts. “We’re working with the contractor to determine how best to take care of the family’s repair bills,” said DePaola. “We’ll get them reimbursed.”


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