By Melissa Mack, WBZ-TV

A string of dry, calm days are upon us.  Today will be partly cloudy with more clouds near the coastal plain due to a north-northeast wind.  This wind combined with an asstronomically high tide has prompted the issuance of a Coastal Flood Advisory from 10am-1pm. High temperatures will remain cool in the middle to upper 40s, which is a handful of degrees below the average.

Friday will continue the dry trend with mixture of clouds and sunshine as well as high temps in the upper 40s.

The weekend before Thanksgiving can be a big travel weekend. Thankfully, we will have the tranquil weather pattern sticking around.  Saturday will be mostly sunny with highs near 50F.  Sunday will be partly cloudy with highs near 50F once again.

The ‘broken record’ forecast will even linger into early Thanksgiving week.  In this case, ‘broken record’ is good news!  Monday will be partly cloudy to partly sunny with highs near 50F. Guess what?! ;)  Tuesday appears to be much like Monday with more cloud cover around.

The coastal storm that we alluded to yesterday is showing stronger signs of being a ‘miss’ as opposed to a ‘hit’!  That’d be great news considering Wednesday is a huge travel day in addition to Thanksgiving Day itself.  It does look like winds will pick up Monday and Tuesday, especially across southeastern Massachusetts.  However, both the EURO and GFSx show promise for a rather quiet Thanksgiving week now. Do I hear you ‘cheering’?!  Of course, we will keep you updated. This is the latest EURO run.

ecmwfNA 850 temp 144 Calm Pattern

One alarm clock away…

~Melissa :)




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