By Melissa Mack, WBZ-TV

Calm weather is settling into New England. I think that most of us will be happy to hear this after ‘Sandy’ and last week’s Nor’easter. Mostly sunny skies inland with lingering clouds near the Cape/Islands sum up today’s forecast. Highs will be on the cool side as they reach the middle and upper 40s (coolest north west of Boston).

A north-northeast wind will be the culprit for coastal clouds on both Thursday and Friday. This is due to the positioning of an area of low pressure to our northInterior locales will be mainly sunny on Thursday and partly cloudy on Friday. Highs will continue to hover in the upper 40s to near 50F.

wrfUS 0 prec 60 In The Calm

Then, this weekend still shows decisive signs of being quiet.  Sunshine can be expected for both days with potentially more cloud cover on Sunday. Highs will be near 50F on both days.

Early next week, the models start to diverge.  Surprise, surprise! :)  This seems to happen frequently as we approach a major holiday. A coastal storm may be affecting us sometime Tuesday into Wednesday of Thanksgiving week. The GFSx, which hasn’t verified well lately, is keeping the storm farthest offshore with minimal impact.  However, after taking a closer look at forecasting the past two major storms, ‘Sandy’ and the nor’easter, the EURO has shown a more accurate track record when forecasting this far out.  The EURO’s current depiction ‘would’ provide us with gusty winds, potential coastal flooding, and heavy rain from late Tuesday into Wednesday. It doesn’t appear to be cold enough for a snow event, but of course, that is subject to change.  The brunt of the storm would be felt on Wednesday.  Here’s a look at the EURO —

ecmwfNA 850 temp 168 In The Calm

As we always say, we’ll have our eyes on this storms with each and every new model run.

~Melissa :)


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