By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

Today’s high of 63 degrees is deceptive because it happened at 6AM this morning…since then, temps have tumbled to near 40.  A strong coldfront has swept all the warmth out to sea and ended our three day stretch of Indian Summer conditions.  That warm air is now out over the ocean and a solid baroclinic zone will be developing where the cooler air invading New England now and the warmer air offshore meet.  This will be a breeding ground for storms and gale centers…that along with a strong high to our west then north will keep a very fresh NE breeze going for the next several days.  The end result will be chilly temps in the upper 40s and dry conditions with a lot of sunshine.

Late in the weekend, with the atmosphere getting bottled up again, that zone where storms will be forming will creep back toward the East Coast.  A buckling jetstream will aid in blowing up a coastal storm early next week.  This has the potential to be another big nor’easter with wind, rain and coastal flooding IF it develops close enough to us.  The timing would not be good either, with the Thanksgiving next week, many will be traveling through the Northeast and this would present a huge problem.  It’s still a week away and we’ll have our eyes on it.

BTW, we’ve started our annual WBZ-TV snowfall contest…just guess the amount of snow Boston’s Logan Airport will see this season and if you win you’ll get a season ski pass to Wachusett!  Here is the link:


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