The Patriots held on to beat the Bills 37-31 thanks to a last-minute interception from Devin McCourty in the end zone.

The Boston Globe’s Shalise Manza Young joined 98.5 the Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich on Monday morning to discuss the Patriots defense, Brandon Spikes and Aqib Talib.

They started off discussing the Patriots defense this year. Everyone thought that this year’s defense was supposed to be better than last year’s, but is it?

“I do think it’s a little bit better,” said Shalise. “You see it sometimes. I’ve covered (this team) for seven years and it’s the most confounding team that I’ve covered because some days they look fantastic on both sides of the ball.”

The Bills were complaining about Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes saying he’s dirty or playing close to that edge. What is Shalise’s opinion of the complaints about Spikes?

“In this particular case I think they have a valid argument because remember when they played in Buffalo, Brandon Spikes had that devastating sideline hit on the Devin McCourty interception return and knocked one of their players out of the game,” she said. “And he did it again yesterday and almost knocked Ryan Fitzpatrick out of the game.”

Plus, will the addition of Aqib Talib help this secondary moving forward? Can anything be done to fix this Patriots defense?


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