By Levan Reid, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) — I am not sure what’s going to happen once Patrick Chung comes back into the lineup, but one thing is certain: Devin McCourty is the Patriots’ best safety.

In two straight games now, Devin has made plays in the defensive backfield. Against the Buffalo Bills, he really didn’t have to do much. The game came to him.

“That was one of those ‘right place, right time’ moments right there,” said McCourty, who intercepted Ryan Fitzpatrick’s pass in the end zone to seal the Patriots win. “The ball was thrown right to me, so just making the catch and ending it was my focus at that time.”

I am guilty like everyone else and I look at the yards. The Bills had 481 total yards against the Patriots. Usually, if a team has that much production, it wins the game. However, Devin talked about the turnover battle. He mentioned after the game, being on the right side of turnovers and the opportunities that come from it are the keys.

“We know no matter what happens in the game, there’s nothing bigger than turnovers,” Devin said. “I think throughout any level of football, turnovers are always a big part. A lot of times if you can just win that turnover ratio, you end up winning the game. We know each game we have to go out and win the turnover ratio. No matter what happens in the game, we have to come out on top with the turnover ratio.”

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