A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     I ask that question with tongue firmly planted in cheek, but I’ll tell you what folks, you could present a hell of a case for not allowing voter participation down here in Gods waiting room.   I certainly would not challenge the intellect of the majority of voters in Florida, but I assume the people who count the ballots in the Sunshine State also vote and those people…..are highly suspect.

     I friend of mine from Massachusetts  recently suggested this subject and I got to thinking about, she’s right.    Yes, she’s a lefty from the people’s republic to be sure, but my goodness Florida has become the laughing-stock of America when it comes to counting.  Who knows, this could simply be a serious issue with math…an inability to count…but holy crap….why does it take so long?   The election was last Tuesday and Florida didn’t have a winner declared until the following Sunday.     I watch one woman voter registration chief in one southern county apologizing (and then crying….like that helps) for taking so long to come up with a count……JUST IN ONE COUNTY!!! She promised it will never happen again.    Wonderful!    And other weird thing…half of the voters in Florida voted early this year, so those ballots could have been counted before election day ever happened.   Bad enough this previously Red state turned Blue much to my dismay, but remember the old “hanging chad” thing 8-year ago with a bunch of knuckleheads sitting around a table  trying to decide if the hole punched in the ballot went all the way through.   Huh?        I think I’m going to start a drive to collect enough money before the next big election to buy these folks some adding machines…..maybe even electric ones.   I say lets throw out the abacus in Florida vote counting.


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