FOXBORO (CBS) — During the television broadcast of Sunday’s Patriots-Bills game, Buffalo quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was shown clearly offering a rather unfriendly verbal offering to New England linebacker Brandon Spikes. The exchange came after Spikes drove his helmet into Fitzpatrick’s facemask, so the quarterback’s rage was understandable.

That turned out to not be all Fitzpatrick had to say about Spikes, as he called the linebacker “a punk” in his postgame talk with reporters.

“I think that Spikes is an emotional player. I think that he’s a punk at times,” Fitzpatrick said. “He was doing a lot of talking and hitting out there. He’s not one of my favorite players, not high on my list.”

Fitzpatrick referenced a “cheap shot” at Scott Chandler from the two teams’ meeting earlier this season as part of the reason he doesn’t care for the Patriots’ third-year linebacker out of Florida.

Don’t expect Spikes to be torn up about losing a friend from upstate New York, though. He tweeted after the game: “Bahahahahahaaaa !! [smiley faces] *WizkhalifaLaugh*”

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