Bad Weather Survival Guide To Tailgating In New England

Be a happy Patriots fan by planning accordingly (Credit, Angie Frissore)

Mother Nature hasn’t exactly been very nice to the northeastern United States recently, including New England. Hurricane Sandy devastated portions of the Northeast just weeks ago, causing millions to be without power, some to lose their homes and loved ones and leaving behind billions of dollars in damage. Now we’re being impacted by a Nor’easter, or what weather experts are referring to as Winter Storm Athena, with heavy snow, rainfall, strong winds and high tides.

Luckily, Patriots fans haven’t seen much of the worst this season. But New England is known for its strong winter weather, so it’s likely Pats fans will experience bad weather at least once as this season continues. However you feel about snow, Boston can get pretty brutal. No matter how long the winter lasts, spring is sure to follow. Until then, use these tips as part of your bad weather survival guide for Patriots tailgating.

You can expect to feel cold temperatures during the next few (and last few) months of the football season, some days even falling below freezing, along with ample rain and heavy snowfall. Foxboro’s average temperatures in November typically fall between 33 and 52 degrees Fahrenheit while December usually averages between 24 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The average amount of precipitation for both months is recorded to be around four and a half inches.

Bostonians dress smartly when it comes to winter weather; full winter gear is a must. If weather experts are predicting snow or rainfall on game day, you’ll definitely want to be wearing waterproof boots. If you’re one for using face paint, you might find it useful to waterproof that as well.

Ponchos are a good, lightweight and inexpensive option for weathering a storm. Unlike umbrellas, they can keep cooks’ hands free. Do use extra caution around those open flames, though.

Tents or canopies are a must for any Patriots tailgater who wants to survive New England’s winter weather. They can be quickly set up and can protect a fair amount of tailgaters underneath from sun, rain or snow. Foxboro winds can get gusty in the winter season, so if not secured properly, tents or canopies can and will fly away at times.

Tarps can be useful as an add-on item to one or several sides of your tent or canopy. They can provide added protection from debris and sideways snow or rainfall, which New England is known for. Tarps can also be handy for quickly covering tailgating gear such as grills, stereo speakers or chairs.

Since temperatures can get so cold, especially for night games, plan on bringing a few blankets to help keep each person in your party warm. It also never hurts to have hand and feet warmers handy.

It’s a good idea to plan in advance and bring the necessary supplies for bad-weather tailgating. Even if a storm isn’t in the forecast, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for those unexpected bits of rain and snowfall. That way, you won’t be scrambling for protection when a storm hits and you can truly just enjoy the game day.

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