HINGHAM (CBS) – Hingham police are releasing new information about a suspicious incident that took place in town on Thursday.

That incident involved an 8-year-old boy being offered a ride to school by a man he did not know.

Since the incident became public, two other parents have come forward with information that may be connected.

About a half-hour before the incident, several parents noticed a man sitting in a car outside the entrance for the Plymouth River School.

One mother approached the driver and asked if he was waiting for someone. The driver, who was in a car with a similar description, said he was doing work nearby and his boss told him to meet him there.

Police say that driver did not approach or speak to any students.

Another mom reported that around 12:30 p.m., on Winthrop Road, a similar car drove slowly past her home. She reported the driver appeared as if he were looking at her sons.

That same car slowly drove by in the opposite direction about five minutes later.

Police made it clear that they are not certain whether any of these incidents are related. They stress that that the driver is not in any trouble. They simply want to track him down so they can talk to him.


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