By Melissa Mack, WBZ-TV

Shhhh! The dry stretch begins today.  The weather is taking a turn in the right direction if you are wishing for sunshine and warmer temperatures.

Sunshine will return today and will be around through the weekend and beyond. The northwest wind will remain on the breexy side with gusts up to 20-25 mph at times. High temperatures will be near 50F.

Veterans Day weekend will include sunshine and rising temperatures.  A sunny start to your Saturday will end with intervals of high and mid level clouds as a warm front passes to our north.   Highs will be near 50F once again. Then, the warm-up begins!  Sunday (Veterans Day) will be sunny with highs in the lower and middle 60s.  Monday will be the pinnacle in terms of the warmest day. Highs will rise in to the middle and upper 60s.  A 70F high temperature will not be out of the question for some neighborhoods.

Tuesday will be dry to start before a cold front approaches the area and brings rain with it. Highs will be near 60F.  The rain will be around for about a 12 hour period before moving offshore.  In its wake, Wednesday will be dry but slightly cooler as temps will fall back into the 50s.

Climatologically-speaking, the next 8-14 days are hinting at warmer than normal temperatures.

Night sky observers—Here’s a look at the details with this weekend’s night sky.

Happy FRRRiday!

~Melissa :)






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