By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – I get a lot of email from WBZ listeners and viewers, some of it regrettable, but most of it very smart and thoughtful.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

And every once in awhile, I get one that captures exactly the way I feel more expressively than I could ever do.

His name is Mark and he lives south of the city.

He explains that he voted Democratic in Tuesday’s election, then logged onto Facebook the next morning to gauge the reaction of family and friends to the results.

First thing he sees is a posting from a 20-something cousin in another state:

“Anyone on my Facebook that voted/supports Obama please delete me. I do not care for your un-American thoughts on my newsfeed.”

“That hurt,” writes Mark, but “I let it go because I was once that age too.”

But then the next day, he saw the same message posted by her mother. And while he says he tries to avoid political discussions with family, he had to respond, and this is how he did it:

“I wish the word un-American had never entered the dictionary…. I don’t believe that half of Americans are actually stupid enough to intentionally vote to ensure the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. And I don’t believe that half of Americans were duped into voting to turn us into a radical Islamic socialist state. But that’s what each side will have you believe about the other. It’s a great tactic for rallying voters, but it has the disgusting effect of turning American against American, even in our homes. We have hard problems to solve in this country, created by Americans in both parties, and they’re going to be solved by Americans in both parties coming together to find a way forward that everybody can live with. So… instead of pushing fellow Americans away…try sitting down at the same table and don’t get up until you’ve reached common ground you can both stand on. If you can’t do it, then how can you expect it from your leaders? Be the first example. It’s hard work – and hard work is very AMERICAN.”

Mark, you said it.

But will the people who need to, hear it?

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