The Patriots got back to work after a much needed bye week and take on the Buffalo Bills this Sunday to kick off the second half of the season.

NFL Network’s Bert Breer joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich to discuss what things look like around the league, the NFL and the AFC.

The guys started the conversation off with a hypothetical question being thrown around, would you trade Tom Brady right now for Andrew Luck? Do you make the trade?

After trying to get out of answering by saying he doesn’t think it could ever happen Breer played along.

“If the world was going to explode in a year then no, I would take Tom Brady for the next year. If you’re talking about going forward I almost think you’d have to.”

If the Patriots in some way had the number one pick in last year’s draft do they take Luck or do they trade out of it?

“I think they take Andrew Luck for the same reason the Packers took Aaron Rodgers. Do you guys realize Tom Brady when we get to the draft next year Tom Brady’s going to be older than Brett Favre was when the Packers took Aaron Rodgers.”

The guys moved on from that to discuss the strength of the conferences. Before the season there were talks about how weak the AFC was compared to the NFC, but is that still true halfway through the season?

“It’s still weak, I think the Texans are the most complete team, but I still think the Texans would be the third or fourth or fifth best team in the NFC.”


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