Drew Bledsoe joined Gresh and Zo for his weekly football chat and the guys asked for his opinion on some questions that have come up this week.

Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez and his girlfriend had a baby the other day and Tom Brady’s wife Gisele is currently pregnant. Zo started of asking Drew for his thoughts on players missing time during the season for the birth of their children.

“If I had to choose I’d be there for the birth of my children, there’s no question. That’s something that you just don’t miss, but we had two of our four children we had during the season an both times it worked out fine.”

Gresh wanted to know where Drew stands on the hypothetical trade of Brady for Andrew Luck. Would he make the trade?

“If I’m the guy making that decision it depends on what my long-term plans are. If my plan is to try and win another couple championships in the next three years and then head for retirement then certainly I’m going to stay with the guy who won all the championships. But, if I’m sitting in that seat and I’m an up and coming GM that wants to make a career out of it, I might really have to consider the Andrew Luck deal.”

The guys discussed young quarterbacks that have started in the league this year and the success some of them have found in their first year. When did the game start to slow down for Bledsoe. Did it take a whole season?


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