QUINCY (CBS) – Quincy City Councilor Brian Palmucci took a look at the new law about medical marijuana and claims he found a gaping hole in terms of licensing and zoning.

After Question Three passed in Massachusetts Tuesday, Palmucci said he noticed the language of the law did not specify where future distribution centers or farms would be allowed in communities.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Lana Jones reports

Under the new law, people who meet certain medical criteria will be able to obtain medical marijuana from state-regulated centers or, in certain hardship cases, be allowed to grow their own marijuana.

“It’s only fair to the residents of Quincy as well as business owners that may want to open up a dispensary in Quincy, to have laws of the books, regulations on the books, so everyone knows what we’re doing here in the city,” Palmucci said.

Palmucci will submit a proposal to the city council next week that would keep dispensaries and farms 1,500 linear feet from schools, day cares and residential zones.

This would keep future dispensaries in industrial or office parks, he said, noting West Quincy may be a good location.

“We’re not saying they aren’t allowed in Quincy,” he said. “We think it’s only fair that both the residents and any potential dispensary owners and operators have a clear understanding of what the community standards are in the City of Quincy.”


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