The Boston Celtics defeated the Washington Wizards 100-94 in overtime Wednesday night at the Garden, improving to 2-2 on the young season.

But both of those wins have come against the Wizards, who are one of two winless teams in the NBA right now.

Given all the players Boston added in the off-season, are Felger and Massarotti worried about the Celtics play to start the season?

Mazz certainly is.

“The chemistry is going to be an ongoing problem. They’re going to have a hard time solving this one,” said Mazz. “The more I look at all the guys they added, isn’t it sort of a replication of skill there? Aren’t they all kind of the same guy? I recognize there are a few inches here and there from Jeff Green to Courtney Lee, but aren’t they all basically just scorers or shooters, and nothing else? How many of those guys can you have on the floor at once and expect to play good defense? That worries me.”

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“I may re-asses when they get Avery Bradley back, because he is something they don’t have right now in that he plays tremendous man-to-man defense, plays with a lot of energy, and offensively isn’t a shooter,” said Mazz. “We all thought they missed Bradley last year when they went into the Miami series. As much as they became a different team when Garnett moved to the five, they also became a different team when Bradley replaced Ray Allen in the starting lineup. Right now, they look a lot like they did before Bradley stepped in.”

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Felger isn’t as worried about the team, but individual players.

“I still think they pull together,” said Felger. “The guy I keep focusing on is Jeff Green. Last night, three points, three rebounds in 23 minutes. They’re paying this guy almost what they’re paying Rajon Rondo.”

“It seems very delicate with him, and it’s frustrating,” Mazz said of Green.

Are you worried about the Celtics early-season play? Let us know in the comments section.


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