The Celtics have started the season 1-2 and are back home Wednesday night to finish off a home at home with the Washington Wizards.

Former Celtics forward Brian Scalabrine joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich to discuss the team’s first few games, Jeff Green and how this team is built.

During the preseason Jeff Green showed flashes of greatness, but as soon as the regular season started he kind of reverted to that guy who looked lost on the court like when he played for the Celtics before his heart surgery. Is it just a lack of confidence? What’s going on?

“I think it’s the speed and intensity of the game has once again took another step up. In the preseason he did dominate and we were wowed by that, but I’m not saying he’s going to go back to that.”

They also discussed whether this team is built for the playoffs like the Celtics teams of the recent past.


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