BOSTON (CBS) — With a 63-0 loss to the Northern Illinois Huskies, the UMass Minutemen’s football season officially went from bad to worse.

“Every loss sticks with us and they won’t go away any time soon,” UMass head coach Charley Molnar told 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Marc Bertrand. “It’s gonna take a lot of wins in the future to kind of erase all the bad feelings that I have about all this losing.”

Despite the team’s record falling to 0-9 with Saturday’s loss, Molnar remains committed to the direction the young team is headed.

“One thing is for sure: We have a process that we’re following and we’ve stuck to it from Day 1,” Molnar said. “I know where we’re going, and I haven’t blinked once. And I don’t think any of the coaches have, and I don’t think any of the players have.”

Fortunately for the Minutemen, they’ll face some less difficult opponents in the coming weeks, with Akron (1-9), Buffalo (2-7) and Central Michigan (3-6) left on the schedule. Molnar, though, won’t take any opponent lightly.

“Right now, nothing is easy for us. I think we’re going to look at some other football teams just like us, trying to get their feet underneath them,” Molnar said. “It’s really not about Akron; it’s about us.

“If we can just play football with less errors, if we can play football with more concentration, hold onto the ball and make some plays, we’ll be fine. We’ll fight them right until the end of the game.”


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