BOSTON (CBS) – The Boston Celtics bench was supposed to be their strong-point as they began their 2012-13 season.

But after being outscored in three straight games, and the Celtics beginning the year 1-2, the bench is a little frustrated after the season’s first week.

Newcomer Jason Terry, a former sixth man of the year, is confident the C’s bench will be where it needs to be soon.

“It’s a work in progress. I’m going to stay optimistic,” Terry said following the Celtics practice on Monday. “I’m a scorer, I’m going to figure it out. Believe me when I tell you I’m going to continue to shoot the ball and take advantage of every opportunity.”

Terry On Boston Bench: 

As for being outscored in all three games to start the season, Terry takes the blame.

“It’s frustrating. I take that squarely upon my shoulders,” he said about the Boston bench being outscored 131-87 in it’s first three tries of the season. “This is a new week. Hopefully we can get three straight games of outscoring their bench. We’ll see what happens but that’s the goal.”

“We’re going to take it game by game, but more openly we’ll take it week by week,” Terry added. “Last week was a disappointing one for us, but this is another opportunity and that’s the beauty of it.”

Head coach Doc Rivers said the Celtics bench is obviously behind in where they need to be, but that is all part of the a growing process for a new squad.

“They have to become a team. Just because you bring guys together doesn’t mean they’ll play well together right way. It’s going to take time,” Rivers said from the Celtics practice facilities on Monday. “The bench is nowhere near where they need to be, or hopefully where they will be. That’s not a concern, that’s being realistic. I think we knew that when we came in here.”

“There is an adjustment period here for everyone involved,” said Terry. “We would like it to happen fast, but sometimes you have to do things slowly just so you get every little small detail. That’s what we’re working on.”


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