BOSTON (CBS) – Sources tell WBZ-TV that Whitey Bulger was transported to Boston Medical Center after suffering from chest pains early Sunday.

There has been no confirmation from the Plymouth County Sherriff, the U.S. Marshall’s office, the U.S. Attorney’s Office or Bulger’s attorney, but Bulger has a history of heart problems.

plymouth county sherriff Whitey Bulger Hospitalized For Chest Pains

A Department of Corrections vehicle was spotted outside Boston Medical Center Sunday, and sources say it’s because Whitey Bulger has been hospitalized after suffering from chest pains.


For the 16 years he was hiding from authorities, he managed to get heart medicine with the help of his girlfriend Catherine Greig.

Bulger was transported to BMC for a similar issue last December.

He turned 83 in September.

Steve Davis says his sister Debra was murdered by Bulger. “He dosn’t have too much time. He should’ve been gone a long time ago,” Davis told WBZ.

Bulger is scheduled to go to trial in March for the murders of 19 people.

His lawyer pleaded with the judge to delay the trial until November 2013 claiming the defense needs more time to prepare for the high profile case.

Davis says he wants to see Bulger stand trial.

“This is what’s going to happen around trial time. He will claim his chest and his heart is something,” Davis said.

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