The Celtics lost their first regular season game to the Heat down in Miami, but Friday night it’s the home opener at the Garden against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Former Celtics forward Brian Scalabrine dropped by the studio to talk with Toucher & Rich about this year’s Celtics team.

Scalabrine is currently employed by Comacast SportsNet and the guys wonder if he’s done playing professional basketball. Scal who seemed unsure or reluctant told the guys that he is probably done. The guys then wonder if he plans on coaching at some point?

“You know I turned that down to do Comcast. Thibodeau, who I think he’s a great coach, he offered me a job in Chicago.”

They go on to discuss the skills he brings to the broadcasts.

The guys moved on to discuss this year’s Celtics team and Fab Melo. Melo found great success before reaching the NBA, but now it seems his offense can’t cut it in the league. How was his offensive game that ill suited for the NBA?

“It’s probably just an example of him not being able to fit into what the Celtics do.”

Scalabrine also had great things to say about Avery Bradley’s defensive game.

“I think he’s probably in my era, I think Tony Allen’s also a great defensive player, but Avery Bradley to me is probably the best defensive player I’ve ever seen in my era of the NBA.”

Plus how tough of a job does Doc have this year?

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