BOSTON (CBS) – The instinct for hypocrisy of our political class never ceases to amaze, and their reaction to the awful hurricane damage is a classic case study.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

One thing they all instantly agreed on, of course: the immediate aftermath of Sandy’s destruction was no time for politics as usual. It’s a moment of unity, compassion and focus on the nuts-and-bolts of recovery, they all said, not an opportunity for political posturing.

So it was completely by accident that the president slipped one of his campaign slogans into his day-after remarks at Red Cross headquarters – twice.

And another striking coincidence Thursday – New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg endorsed the president for re-election, citing his work on climate change, which the mayor apparently believes is the reason for the hurricane.

Let’s give both men credit for genuinely caring about the victims and wanting to help. Both those commendable instincts apparently co-exist with the irresistible urge to bend the situation to their own political benefit.

Mitt Romney knows all about that blend of leadership and grandstanding from his days as governor, and he’s been doing his usual political foxtrot dealing with five-month-old quotes where he advocated delegating much of the federal government’s role in disaster relief down to the states.

In that position, which he’s been hastily amending, he has company in the form of Gov. Deval Patrick, who told reporters yesterday he wouldn’t dictate trick-or-treating policy to storm-damaged communities because “towns have a much better feel for whether the conditions are safe.”

It would be ideal if our political leaders would just do their jobs and keep their bogus promises to set politics aside.

But it seems that will never happen.

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