By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

As the remnants of Sandy travel up into Eastern Canada gusty winds will pick up out of the NW behind her.  These winds will grab cold air in Central Canada, near Hudson Bay, and send it our way.  Temperatures will struggle to hit 50 degrees on both Saturday and Sunday and coupled with the wind will feel like 40s.  The air aloft will be even colder than the surface air leading to big clumps of stratocumulus clouds, limiting the sun once again tomorrow.  By Sunday, the air becomes a bit more stable and for the first time in over a week we will see more sun than clouds.

An even colder dome of high pressure will settle in for Monday and Tuesday…ample sunshine will be seen but temps will not get out of the mid 40s…easily the coldest airmass of the season.  At least it will be dry for election day.

By the middle of next week, the jetstream will be diving south again, spinning up another coastal storm.  Indications now are for a normal sized Nor’easter to impact the Northeast with wind and rain and maybe even a little mountain snow.  While this is no guarantee, most of our longer range computer models are showing a storm in our coastal waters Wednesday into Thursday…we’ll be watching.



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