By Jim Armstrong, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s the Lowell gym made famous by fighter Micky Ward – and Friday night, boxing puns like punches flew.

“Families of Massachusetts need a fighter in their corner,” shouted Democratic senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren, “and I want to go to Washington to fight for our families!”

Warren, standing in one of the rings inside Art Ramalho’s now-famous training facility, tried to encourage the hundreds of supporters gathered in the old mill building to get out the vote next Tuesday.

Interviews: Brown | Warren

Ramalho himself told the crowd: “I trained a lot of champions in my day and our next champion is going to win a senate race!”

Warren is looking to turn her slight lead in the polls into a national upset.

“I knew how important this race would be, and it turns out this race may very well be the race for control of the United States Senate,” she told the crowd.

Earlier Friday, Senator Scott Brown sounded the same notes, knowing full well that President Barack Obama will easily carry Massachusetts. That means Brown’s re-election requires voters here to split their tickets – something that was not a concern two years ago.

Brown led the North End crowd in a chant of “people over party” an indication of his desire to have voters overlook the (R) next to his name when they head to the polls.

“Do not go to bed on November 6th wishing you had done more,” Brown told his supporters. He’s hopeful his record of bipartisanship will help a very blue state keep its lone Republican representative in Washington.

“What I’ve tried to do is exactly what you wanted me to do, be that independent voice,” Senator Brown said, adding he has tried to “be the guy down there [in Washington] who’s working together with both sides.”


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