By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

MANCHESTER, NH (CBS) – Fresh from their final debate, the two candidates for governor of New Hampshire were back on the campaign trail Friday.

Ovide Lamontagne, the Republican, walked the streets of Manchester and visited with customers at different restaurants.

“New Hampshire’s economy has been lagging and stagnant and we need to jump start this economy,” said Lamontagne. “And that means reforming state government and balancing the budget without raising taxes.”

Democrat Maggie Hassan’s campaign stops Friday included a women’s rally in Concord where she touted her plan for the economy.

“It is a plan that makes sure we are going to be innovative and a business-friendly state, it provides tax credits to businesses…without an income or sales tax,” said Hassan.

Political analyst Scott Spradling says the race for governor is unique this time around because there are so many undecided voters this close to election day.

He says Hassan, a former state senate majority leader, has had trouble reaching voters.

“I think she’s struggled to make that personal connection,” says Spradling.

As for Lamontagne, Spradling wonders if this time he can seal the deal.

“He’s run for Senate, he ran for governor back in 1996, he’s never won anything before,” says Spradling.

Most polls show the race to be a dead heat.


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