SALEM (CBS) – Call it the Halloween hangover; kids can only eat so many sweets and parents start to worry about tooth decay.

At Highland Dental Group, kids can donate their candy and get $1 per pound in return. The buy-back is Thursday and Friday during regular office hours.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports

“We take the candy from the kids so we help to save them from tooth decay,” Debbie Keller of Highland Dental Group said. “We pay them for the candy and then we send it overseas to the troops so they can have a little taste of home.”

Kelleher says they also send the troops toothbrushes and for every pound they get, the office donates $10 to the Globe’s Santa Fund.

Last year Highland Dental Group had 40 kids donate their candy, Kelleher said. The average kid has 91 pieces of candy.


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