By Paula Ebben

BOSTON (CBS) – It can be the most dreaded part of the holidays: traveling.

But if you haven’t booked your flights yet there might still be time to land a deal.

“Passengers can expect to pay more this year. Airfares are up about 3-4% over last year,” says George Hobica of Hobica says “that’s partly due to all the airline consolidating that’s been going on.”

To stay on top of prices, that can change by the hour, sign up for airfare alerts. If you want the best seat and best flight time you may have missed the window of opportunity.

But, if you’re willing to gamble and book a last-minute trip you could score a deal. Hobica says “check two weeks or a week before and you will discover, on some routes, the airlines were overcharging and nobody bought. They have a few seats left and you can get a deal.”

If you’re flying this holiday season for the first time in a while, brace yourself for an unwanted gift… in the form of a new fee.

Many airlines are now charging families to sit together. “Don’t be bullied into buying a premium seat thinking that you’re not going to get on the plane unless you do,” explains Hobica. You’ll still get on the plane without paying the fee. And maybe some nice passengers will switch seats once you’re on board.

It’s a good idea to check those airline fees before you book. What may seem like a great sale price might not be worth it once you add up those extra fees.

Check out this airline guide for more.


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