By Christina Hager, WBZ-TVBy Christina Hager

BOSTON (CBS) – Any unclaimed Democrats out there? You’re wanted in the Massachusetts Senate race. Elizabeth Warren wants you back and Scott Brown wants you to come on over to his side.

“You sent me down there to be that independent person putting people over party,” Brown told supporters during a stop at a diner in Milford Thursday. He called himself one of the most bipartisan politicians in Washington. “You don’t need rock throwers or people who are going to leave blood and teeth on the floor. You need people who are going to solve problems.”

Elizabeth Warren spent her stump at a diner in Quincy Thursday reminding fellow Democrats of her opponent’s party affiliation. “Scott Brown is going all around the country asking Republicans to send money to him so that the Republicans can take over the majority in the United States Senate.”

Now that the last television ads have aired and the last debate was canceled by the superstorm, both candidates are deep into grass-roots campaigning for the home stretch. They’re working through busy schedules, criss-crossing the state, shaking hands, and encouraging supporters to put out signs and make calls for them.

According to the Massachusetts Secretary of State, as of Thursday there are 162,000 more people registered to vote Tuesday than in the primary. More than half are independents.


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