By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

Sandy continues to spin in the Northeast but is much weaker now.  While the storm is producing a lot of clouds, the rain is finally letting up and just a few more sprinkles will be seen.  Sandy will travel north of the border into Canada later this week but she’s not quite through with us yet.  Her last surprise will be a blast of cold for the weekend.

New England will still be under Sandy’s influence tomorrow and that means another day like Wednesday with clouds dominating along with chilly temps in the 50s.  On Friday, a trough will swing through ushering in a cold airmass for the weekend.  Winds will freshen up in the wake of the trough, creating a blustery Saturday.  Despite ample sunshine, temps will have a tough time reaching 50…and even if they do, it will feel like 40s with the windchill.  High pressure will settle in to Southern New England on Sunday limiting the wind but still providing lots of sunshine, making Sunday the better of the two weekend days.

Early next week could get a little interesting.  With the weekend high retreating north a bit and leaving behind seasonably cold air, an incoming trough will try to spin up a weak coastal low pressure center to our SE.  Rising air from the surface low and dynamics from the trough will create precip in the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic depending on surface low development location.  If it’s close enough to us we would see cold rain drops sometime around Tuesday of next week.  With the high to the north draining cold surface air our way, it would be possible that some of us saw our first snowflakes of the season…and when I say some of us I mean the higher elevations of New England.  Obviously it’s a long way off but something we will be watching…until then enjoy the cool, quiet times ahead.


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