WBZ-TV's Michael Rosenfield reports

MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) – Electricity should be restored to most New Hampshire residents without power by Friday, according to the state’s emergency management office.

As of Wednesday evening, about 49,000 customers were still without power.

The hardest hit area in New Hampshire is along the southern I-93 corridor.

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Late Wednesday afternoon, crews from Canada joined the effort to help restore electricity.

In Londonderry Wednesday, utility crews had to close down Auburn Road to remove large pine trees that toppled over onto electrical, cable and phone lines.

Some of the trees fell right into Paul Bonner’s backyard.

Bonner, along with about 210,000 other New Hampshire utility customers lost power because of Hurricane Sandy.

Bonner was still without power today, which is especially tough on his wife.

“So she goes to the gym in the morning and showers with about a hundred other people,” says Bonner.

In the nearby town of Derry, schools were closed once again, but not everybody got the message.

“We didn’t get a call today so I figured there was school,” said Suzanne Lynch, who walked her granddaughter to school only to find out it had been cancelled.

In Manchester late this afternoon, 75 two-man crews from Hydro Quebec in Canada arrived to lend a hand to the 290 PSNH teams already on the ground. PSNH is the state’s largest electricity provider.

After a safety briefing, they fanned out to help restore power to those without.


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