A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     When I published my last tirade about the media, mostly the social media, on the 26th of this month, I was sure it was the last blog posting on this issue before election day.  On the 26th of this month I wrote “It’s almost over folks….almost over…and Thank Goodness.” I was intending to tell you the words of a well-known fiction writer and his thoughts on the media, but I got so caught up in my own bloviating on the subject, I never got to.   But with time running out on this un-freekin’ believable political season, and considering how the media has handled things, please ponder the following.    First, give a quick check to my posting on this site, October 26 and then consider this masterful diagnosis from best-selling author Steve Martini.   My brother-in-law, a prolific reader, sent this to me from his home in Vero Beach, Florida…..and Bob believes this is more accurate today…than it was when Martini wrote the words…in 2008.

     Martini Writes:    “In case you haven’t noticed, the toxin of partisan politics that was once trapped inside the asylum on the Potomac and bottled up in a few other political hot spots around the country, has suddenly been pumped,undiluted, into the national vein. 

     Cable news, much of it political and almost all of that partisan; talk radio, some of it virulent; the graceless decline of network news, until it stood undisguised, naked and seemingly unashamed in its ideological partiality; and major metropolitan newspapers, too many of which have given up the ghost of objectivity in their reporting to become obvious and open house organs for political parties….these were the forces that pushed the plunger on the syringe.”

     Brilliantly stated.    This is an issue that should remain front-and-center in our concerns for a long time to come.  The public has stolen the media, with the blessings of the media, and they’ve totally screwed it up.   There has been an explosion in information technology……and believe me when I tell you, we are on information overload right now….BIG time.


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