NATICK (CBS) – A Natick family is very grateful for its newest member.

While the Copakens were at the hospital welcoming their new arrival, Hurricane Sandy was blowing a huge tree into the baby’s nursery.

crib Natick Baby Born As Tree Crashes Through Nursery

Crib in baby’s room in Natick

Joel Copaken and his two older kids reluctantly stopped by their home Tuesday, where the baby’s room now features splintered wood, insulation, and a gaping hole in the roof.

“It’s a bittersweet thing going on right now,” says Joel.

The two kids were home with a sitter when the storm dumped an enormous pine tree on their home.

Neighbors helped get everyone out. “The branch fell right through the house, through the roof and landed right inside the crib,” said neighbor Wayne Anthony.

Joel was at Newton-Wellesley Hospital in a labor room with his wife Valerie at the time. The family’s babysitter called him on his cell phone and delivered the bad news.

The combination of events was a bit overwhelming.

“I didn’t know which way to turn,” says Joel, “I just wanted to focus on the little baby.”

Which he did, but as Valerie gave birth to a healthy boy, a tree had just destroyed the newly remodeled room and maybe even the entire house. Joel says, “We’re homeless basically.”

The boy does not yet have a name, but dad wants to dispel any rumors it’ll be “Sandy.”

“It’s actually not a bad name. Sandy’s not a bad name, it’s just not right for this boy,” says Joel.

It’s down to ‘Solomon’ or ‘Zeke.’


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