By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

BROOKLINE (CBS) – Marty Krakowsky had just conked out for a Sunday nap when Hurricane Sandy had a wake up call.

“This huge sound, I jumped up from my sleep and came out,” said Krakowsky.

The fierce winds had taken out a giant oak in Marty’s backyard in Brookline, busting up the back deck and puncturing the attic. The neighbor’s house wasn’t spared either with broken windows and a ripped up roof.

“We still feel guilty it’s our tree, our property,” said Krakowsky.

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When the winds died down, the questions mounted so WBZ-TV brought out Barbara Anthony from the State’s Office of Consumer Affairs to answer Marty’s questions, questions many homeowners are dealing with in Sandy’s aftermath.

Anthony says when storms leave damage, first call your insurance company, then get multiple estimates, and make sure your insurance company approves the work.

“What you don’t want to do is to sign a contract for a huge amount of money to make repairs to your home and then find out that your insurance company is saying no,” says Anthony.

For emergency issues such as a leaky roof or broken window, Anthony says it is typically okay to act quickly before all the approvals come through, just be sure to take pictures, keep receipts, and keep in touch with the insurance company.

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And when your home and your neighbor’s are both impacted, both of you should call your respective insurance agents.

“And then the insurance companies can talk to each other and figure it out,” says Anthony.

For more information you can call the State’s Division of Insurance at 877-563-4467.


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