It’s Tuesday with Jermaine Wiggins on the Felger and Massarotti show and that means just one thing: 10 Questions with Wiggy. This week’s questions cover a variety of topics.

Felger’s 10 Questions To Wiggy:
10. NFL trade deadline is Thursday. If you could trade for one player to put on the Patriots, anyone in the league other than a quarterback, who would it be?

9. The Giants’ four-game sweep of the Tigers now stands as the lowest-rated World Series ever, beating the 2008 series between Philly and Tampa. Was this a function of boring teams, a quick, boring series, or does baseball have a problem on its hands?

8. If your wife granted you one free celebrity affair, if you got a free night with any one woman on the planet, who would it be?

7. What’s your opinion on “Frankenstorm?”

6. Would you, 10 or 20 years from now, look back at this Patriots era with disappointment, if they don’t win another Super Bowl? The whole era. Call it 2000-2015. Would you consider it something of a underachievement if they remained stuck at three titles?

5. Who is your least favorite player in the NBA?

4. What is the most overrated show on television?

3. Who is the most useless member of the Boston sports media?

2. Mitt Romney has taken a national polling lead when it comes to the popular vote, anywhere from one to five points (Gallup yesterday). Yet, President Obama still holds slim margins in enough states to win the election, if those state polls prove accurate. Question: Will they prove accurate? Can Obama eke out a win by narrowly carrying a few states while losing a decisive national mandate?

1. If the Felger and Mazz show could do one thing to improve the show, what would it be?


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