By Melissa Mack, WBZ-TV

Clouds will dominate today as Sandy gets closer and closer.  The storm spans a  mere 1000 mi in terms of the cloud shield. It’s a massive storm. There could be a few pockets of mist/drizzle and a few showers around starting this afternoon and evening. Highs will be in the upper 50s. Tonight, winds will also start to pick up at that point. Seas will continue to build tonight.

***The brunt of the storm ((SANDY)) will be felt near Delaware, NJ, and NYC.  Sandy is currently a weak CAT1…75mph winds. Per the 8am NHC update, the pressure dropped to 951mb which signifies some strengthening.  The current track slams it into central NJ on Monday evening as a weak CAT1 or a tropical storm.  Rainfall amounts could reach ~10″ in areas near the Delmarva Peninsula/Philly/DC.  Here at home, we can expect a general 1-3″ of rain with isolated amounts of 4-5″ in the higher elevations (upslope) as well as the ‘burbs farthest west and southwest.  Winds gusts may reach hurricane force (up to~80mph) on Monday evening and early Monday night for areas along the South Coast/Cape Cod/Islands and for locales south of the Mass Pike. Elsewhere, tropcial storm force wind gusts (up to 65mph) can be anticipated.  Winds will gradually begin to relax by Tuesday morning and continue that decrease in wind speed throughout the day on Tuesday. Coastal flooding may reach moderate to major levels with storm surge potential of 3-6ft for south and southeast facing beaches.  There are a plethora of WATCHES AND WARNINGS already posted for Monday and Monday night.

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Stay tuned…



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