BOSTON (CBS) – With their 45-7 win over the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, the New England Patriots improved to 2-0 at Wembley Stadium.

Players and coaches alike enjoyed playing at the famous London venue, although winning makes it a whole lot easier to make the trip overseas.

“I certainly like the results,” head coach Bill Belichick said the victory. “It was a good win for us against Tampa (back in 2009) and it was a real good win for us today. It’s a great feeling to walk out of here feeling like you played well and knowing that you can kind of relax for a little bit here… It feels good to come to London and get these kind of results.”

Patriots-Rams: 4 Ups, 4 Downs In London

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who threw for 304 yards and four touchdowns in front of the over 84,000 fans in attendance, agreed with his head coach.

“That was a fun day for us,” Brady said from inside Wembley Stadium. “Offensively we played pretty well in the first half, made some plays there in the third quarter, and the fourth quarter we put it away. It was great to come into a trip like this and put everything into it. We’ve got the bye week next week and it’s a good feeling. I’m sure guys will have fun tonight.”

“This is a great venue,” Brady said of Wembley. “This a beautiful stadium. I know how historical it is. It’s a great atmosphere for football. I hope they enjoyed the game today, all the fans. I know it got out of hand there, but that’s how the Patriots liked it, so it was a fun game for us.”

While there were certainly plenty of Patriots fans in attendance, it wasn’t all in favor of the Pats. When asked if it was like having a home game, Belichick was quick to shoot that notion down.

“I wouldn’t go quite that far, but it was good support out here,” said Belichick. “The Rams had a lot of support here too. It was good, we had a lot of our fans here and it looks like we had some London fans at the game. That was a good feeling. They’re great.”

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“You heard a lot of back and forth cheering in the game, when normally it’s one way or the other,” he continued. “When you play at home it’s all your fans, when you play on the road it’s all their fans. This was a little bit, kind of a split. It’s a little bit unique, we’re not used to it. You usually don’t get games like that.”

The Patriots will try to beat Hurricane Sandy home to the U.S., but it looks as though they might be stuck in England for the next few days.

With a win in the books and their bye week on tap, the Patriots probably won’t mind that.

But when they do get home, Brady knows his team still has plenty to work on before their second half of the season begins.

“We’ve got a long way to go,” said Brady, who notched the 50th 300-yard game of his career on Sunday. “We’ve still got to play eight games, and we certainly have to play our best football. Hopefully we get some guys healthy, head back into the swing of things here with the bye week, have a good week of practice, Wednesday or Thursday, then hopefully start playing some good football here in the second half. We need to.”


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