By Beth Germano, WBZ-TV

WINTHROP (CBS) – No sooner had the town of Winthrop begun a long awaited project to reinforce Winthrop Beach, Hurricane Sandy threatened the New England coastline.

The $17 million project to nourish the badly eroded beach is meant to protect the area from storms just like this one.

“It’s poor timing for the storm, but we don’t pick when they come. We prepare when they come,” said Winthrop Fire Chief Paul Flanagan.

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Emergency crews held a meeting on Thursday to coordinate efforts should the storm create a surge that sends water over the seawall and floods the surrounding neighborhood.

“It’s going to hang around and the difficulty is there will be three tide cycles here in Winthrop,” Flanagan said.

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The storm may still be hundreds of miles away, but lobsterman Larry Bradley is already hustling to get in as much work as he can before he’ll have to sit back and wait for the storm to pass.

He was devastated by the No Name storm of 1991, later dubbed ‘The Perfect Storm,’ which cost him nearly half his equipment, and nearly cost him his livelihood.

“We’re now moving equipment further offshore to protect us from the storm, and some traps have been brought further into Boston Harbor,” he said.

Boat owners were preparing to bring their vessels in, though Noel Podujah said he secured his boat with extra lines and was going to ride it out.

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Fire chief Bradley says he’ll now get daily briefings from the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, and hopes he’ll know by Sunday whether or not to warn residents near the water for the possibility of an evacuation.

“We’re very fortunate to have a heads up like this and be prepared,” he said.


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