By Jim Armstrong, WBZ-TV

NEWTON (CBS) – Police are investigating a report that a woman was raped at the Andover Newton Theological School Sunday.

A female student at the school says she was standing at a bathroom sink at Stoddard Hall earlier this month, when a white man wearing a mask came in, threw her to the ground, and raped her.

It happened on a Sunday afternoon, when the normally quiet campus was hosting a convention with about 250 people.

“We are still reeling from this tragedy,” school President, the Rev. Nick Carter said.

“Of course this is a time of reflection for us to think about, could we do something differently,” Carter said. “We will do absolutely everything to protect the security of our students.”

The victim told school officials what happened, and they in turn told police. But the victim herself won’t talk to investigators and has chosen not to report the rape to authorities.

Newton police say they completely understand why a rape victim would be unwilling and uncomfortable coming forward, but they admit that their investigation into finding her attacker is stymied until they can talk to her.

“If we don’t have the victim to speak to, to look in the eye, to actually have that conversation to hear exactly what occurred, it is very difficult for the investigators to go forward on these type of investigations,” explained Lt. Bruce Apotheker.

Eunice Wilson attended the Andover Newton Theological School for seven years, and always considered it to be a safe place.

“It’s always been a very wonderful community to come back to,” she explained.

But getting word that a student was sexually assaulted on campus is terrifying.

“I’m sure it would traumatize a lot of people,” Wilson said.

Detectives will continue to work this case in the hopes that other people will come forward with information. They when and if the victim is ready to talk, they say they have staff well-trained to handle her needs.


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