An auction of items from Curt Schilling’s bankrupt video gaming company 38 Studios was held on Tuesday in Providence.

Items included hundreds of computers, audio equipment, video equipment, refrigerators, microwaves, travel cases, a ping pong table, custom gaming tables, a video game library, exercise equipment, flat panel televisions, and other office furniture.

Nicole Oliverio was at the auction and she joined Toucher & Rich to discuss some off the nerdy items that were up on the auction block and what some items went for.

Some of the items seemed to have nothing to really do with the business like Styrofoam battle axes and real swords that were apparently used for recording sound effect for the video game.

Other items included in the auction were model air planes that were part of Schilling’s collection. Since these were included in the auction were they bought with company money?

Proceeds of the auction are expected to go toward paying back millions of dollars the company was loaned before going under.


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