It’s a Wiggy Tuesday on Felger and Massarotti, which means another segment of 10 Questions with Wiggy. Topics included: John Farrell, which player most represents what is wrong with the sport of football, most desired vacation spot, and the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

10. Give me your power rankings for the AFC.

9. Give me a win total for the Boston Celtics this year. What’s the key to the season?

8. Who is your least favorite player currently in the NFL? Who is that one guy you look at and say he represents what’s wrong with the sport of football?

7. Mitt Romney said that, if elected, he is gong to lower tax rates on top earners and recoup the revenue due to the federal government by closing unnamed tax loopholes and eliminate certain unnamed deductions. He doesn’t specify what these are, he just promises the math will add up. Do you believe him?

6. Jermaine Cunningham was in on the game winning sack on Sunday and now has carved out a bit of a pass rushing role on this team. We mocked you for saying you were looking for Cunningham on Day 1 of camp. Do you feel vindicated? Do we need to see more of him?

5. If I had to watch only one reality show on television currently, what would it be?

4. Brady and the Patriots targeted Brandon Lloyd eight times on Sunday and connected only once on a screen. Who do you blame for that lack of production?

3. Is John Farrell the right man for the Red Sox job?

2. Pats headed to London this week. What is the #1 foreign destination you’d like to visit, and why?

1. Pats favored by 7 over the Rams. What’s your bet for Sunday?


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