BOSTON (CBS) — The Patriots released a video from inside their locker room following their dramatic overtime victory over the Jets. The usual cast of characters was featured: Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft … and Donald Trump.

“The Donald” was the surprise guest in the video, as he demonstrated that being rich and famous and having rich and famous friends can lead you all sorts of places, including the Patriots’ locker room.

While Belichick delivered his postgame speech to the team — the highlight of which being when he referred to Rob Ninkovich as a “Jet killer” — Trump stood in the back of the group, near Brady’s locker. (For the sake of accuracy, he technically could have been hanging out near punter Zoltan Mesko’s locker. You never know.)

Trump, among the most famous New Yorkers, has attended Patriots games as Kraft’s guest in the past, once arriving in grand fashion by landing his helicopter on the team’s practice field. He tweeted earlier this week that he’d be conflicted for Sunday’s game.

“Major grudge match this weekend between @nyjets & @Patriots,” Trump tweeted. “I have a dilemma, I am good friends w/ both [Jets owner] Woody Johnson & Bob Kraft–two amazing men.”

It appeared as though the winning team also won his postgame support.

“Had a great time watching the @nyjets @Patriots game yesterday at Gillette Stadium. Great and exciting game,” he tweeted Monday.

Trump has been an avid tweeter of late, and he’s involved himself in some Yankees story lines during their ALCS loss to the Tigers.

“Derek Jeter broke ankle one day after he sold his apartment in Trump World Tower,” Trump tweeted on Oct. 20. “Derek must move back into one of my buildings immediately. It will be lucky for him like in past.”

Trump also made it clear that if it were up to him, he’d sit Alex Rodriguez down at a table and tell him, “You’re fired.”

“Maybe Derek Jeter should ask A-Rod about renting his apartment next year. Very soon A-Rod won’t need a place in NYC,” Trump tweeted. “@Yankees should get rid of A-Rod ASAP–I can’t watch this guy anymore! … Now there is talk of A-Rod being shipped to @Marlins. If A-Rod is not a @yankee next year, the fans will be happy. … I think the @yankees will win today. Unlike A-Rod, CC [Sabathia] is good under pressure.”

Fortunately for the Patriots, Trump hasn’t tweeted similar sentiments about the Patriots’ biggest star. That would likely cost him any future trips inside the locker room.

You can watch the video at


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