adscf1611 Tailgater Profiles for the New England Patriots

Fans show their Patriots pride (Credit: Angie Frissore)

Patriots fans are legendary as they mark their territory with giant flags and canopies. The food is as local as it gets, really bringing the Beantown culture to the tailgating scene, with things like lobster, clams, oysters, scallops and other fresh seafood, some of which the fans have even caught themselves. They barbecue fearlessly even in blinding snowfall and freezing rain. They arrive hours early with enough food to feed everyone and they continue for hours after the game is called.

Patriots fans really tailgate with the best they have, making it an enjoyable time for all. Tailgating at Gillette Stadium is a unique blend of local culture and American pride.

If you’re visiting the stadium for the first time, expecting to find the usual tailgates with beer coolers, wings and burgers, you’re in for a true surprise. But if you wear nothing but national colors, sport an American flag and cheer for the Pats, Foxboro will see you as one of their own. Take a look at some of those fans that stand above the rest as legends in New England.

Chef Marty O’Shea

His friends call him Chef Marty and he’s been involved in the Patriots tailgating scene for more than 10 years. What started out with roughly four people has turned into more than 100 hardcore Patriots fans cheering before, during and after the game. You’ll find Marty making things like lobster crab cakes, sausage and peppers, pulled pork, chili and barbecue chicken legs. But it’s a Patriots-only party, so if you’re not a fan, be sure to stay away from this rowdy crowd or expect some friendly trash talk.

Mr. Young

This legendary fan was the face of New England in the 1975 original version of the movie “Jaws” when he played the part of a local fisherman. You’ll find him wearing a custom Patriots jersey with number one on the front and “JAWS” on the back to make sure everyone knows who he is.

Tailgater 2000

This crew has one of the most organized tailgates at Gillette Stadium and these guys have been doing it for more than 15 years. They arrive early with a synchronized setup and a staged order on the grill – with strict rules against making ordinary burgers and dogs. The setup is centered around Mike Young’s bus, known as “the tailgaterV2,” which they say has been transformed into the ultimate Patriots machine. This group enjoys good food, lively music and great company, so feel free to drop by and say hello. You’ll find them in the mid-section of P-10. Just look for the large American flag.

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