BROOKFIELD, WI (CBS) — Three women were killed and four were injured in a shooting in Brookfield, Wisconsin Sunday morning.

Police say the man responsible, Radcliffe Franklin Haughton, was looking for his wife.

“Maybe 10 people came running out of the back of the salon, with hands up, running and screaming out the door,” said Jenny Remshak, a witness to the incident.

A combination of authorities, including local, state and federal agencies, searched the 9,000 square foot Azana Spa for hours, looking for the 45-year-old Haughton.

They eventually found him dead inside, the victim of a self-inflicted gun shot wound.

Haughton’s wife worked at the spa, and had recently taken out a restraining order against her husband after he confronted her earlier this month at the spa.

“In that incident, witnesses stated that the suspect slashed the tires of his wife’s vehicle,” said Brookfield Police Chief Daniel Tushaus.

Haughton ‘s father doesn’t understand why this happened.

” I love my son, I do not approve of what he did,” said Radcliffe Haughton, Sr. “This was a chock to my family.”

This is the second mass shooting in less than three months in the Milwaukee area.

In August, a man opened fire killing six people in a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek. Police killed the gunman.

“When these things happen so close to home, it really gets your attention,” said James Wamser, an area resident.

Both President Obama and Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan, who is from Wisconsin, expressed their sympathies and said their thoughts are with the victims’ families.


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