By Christina Hager, WBZ-TVBy Christina Hager

BOSTON (CBS) – She may be one of the youngest Bruins season ticket holders, but her voice is gaining more power than she ever imagined.

“As fans, we just want to watch our sport,” says 19-year-old Holly Post. She put her strong feelings about the NHL lockout in an impassioned post on the NHL’s Facebook Page. To her surprise, her message has gone viral, with thousands of “likes.”

Holly is a college student juggling two jobs to cover tuition and season tickets. She’s a server at Boston Beer Works across the street from the TD Garden. “Unfortunately business has been slow,” she wrote in the post. “And we, as waitstaff, rely on the games to make money to pay our bills and college tuition. So while the rich are arguing about getting richer, we the fans and local businesses are taking the blow.”

The head of Boston’s Convention and Visitors Bureau isn’t surprised her message has touched a public nerve. “Each Bruins game represents about $850,000 in spending impact… As you get late into the season in March and April, it’s as much as a million dollars a game.”

The NHL has announced it’s canceling its schedule through November 1st.

“This is just difficult to accept as a fan, a diehard fan,” says Post.


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