MARSHFIELD (CBS) – School administrators at Marshfield High School sent a letter warning parents about a series of tweets from a student that allegedly threatened to kill two of his classmates. Seventeen year old Kyle Stockford was arrested at his home early Wednesday morning.

According to police, Stockford whispered to a fourteen year old girl that he would kill her. “The defendant said something during class that caused many to laugh. He pointed at her and said he would shoot her,” said prosecutor Josh Gedraitis.

Her parents called police and when investigators checked the teen’s Twitter account they found several references to murder.

“He had one posting on October 14, saying ‘**** suicide, school shootings are in,'” said Gedraitis.

“My client’s first statement was that it was all a joke,” said defense attorney Eric Crane.  “I explained how seriously bad a joke it is.”  Crane says the tweets were taken out of context and pieced together by investigators to look more menacing.

Classmates at Marshfield high school questioned whether Stockford would make good on the threats.  “I don’t think he’s a terrible kid and would do anything serious,” said classmate Laura Cowie-Haskel.

If Stockford makes the $1,000 bail he’s been ordered to wear a GPS monitoring bracelet and stay away from the school.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields and Beth Germano contributed to this report.


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