WESTON (CBS) – What was supposed to be a prank, got two Weston Middle School students in trouble.

School officials say two students poured Expo whiteboard cleaner in their teacher’s water bottle.

The teacher recognized something was wrong with the water and did not drink it and the teacher reported the incident to school administration.

“The two students were identified, apologized and were very remorseful. There was no harm done to the teacher,”  Weston Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Maloney said.

The students were disciplined but officials would not say if the students were suspended.

In a note sent to parents Tuesday, school officials called the incident an “ill-conceived prank” and said the students received “disciplinary consequences for their actions.”

School Committee Chairman Rick Manly said the incident is no laughing matter.

“We are very fortunate no one was injured in this,” Manly said.

The teacher told the school department he did not feel the students meant any harm so they did not report the matter to police.

“I think they need to be taught that pranks are not a good thing because someone could get hurt,” parent Janet Mitchell told WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton picked up her kids from school.


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